Blog #1: Technology to Support Communication

Introduction        Technology is used nearly in every capacity of our lives.  Nevertheless, technology nowadays can be founded in churches, stores, schools, institution, hospital, public transportation, automobiles, and restaurants and in our homes etc…   Having technology in the classroom will expose students how to process and research information for assignments.  Getting students excited and interested in surfing the internet can be a rewarding and challenging activity to explore global communities.

Technology to Enhance Communication

Smart Board:  The smart board/whiteboard can be used with a projector and computer will allow the teacher to find a wide range materials to enhance the lesson so students can have a clearer understanding.  (“The set up can consist of a desk or ceiling mounted data projector and computer or can work on a totally integrated system as is the case for rear projection SMART Boards. The computer can then be controlled from the board itself by touching the SMART Board screen, either directly with your finger or one of the incorporated electronic pens.”) Eriksson, T., & Axelsson, M. (2014). IMPLEMENTING INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS INTO TEACHING PRACTICE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURG.

Parents: The smartboard/ whiteboard can be used to send parents an e-mail of today lessons, pertinent information and the school newsletters.

Students:   Using a smart board/whiteboard digital technology tool to communicate the lesson will allow students in opportunity to participate in lesson that being taught.

Global Community:   Having the application skype installed along with webcam will promote students the opportunity to communicate, explore and share information with the global community from their classrooms.

Cell Phones:  Having use of cell phones is great access that is beneficial to take notes, texting assignments and classwork to the teacher, taking test, research information, and e-mailing. (“Cell phones have become mini-computers; no longer simply classroom distractions and

they are now powerful classroom tools. Your students can use their cell phones to

Document assignments, science labs, record oral exams, and research information.”)

Kolb, Liz. “Cell Phones in the Classroom.” Washington: Iste (2011).

Parents:  Main reason for parents having their children bring a cell phone to school allow the parent immediate contact with their child.   Also, parents want to contact their children first if there is a family emergency and arrangement for child care have change. (“As a parent the number one reason for a child to carry a cell phone is instant communication. Family emergencies or student illness are listed as the number one reason for parents to stay connected with their children. After school activities and making arrangements therefore are done much easier will cell phone communication.”) 17, 2015 –

Students: Students should be allow to use their cell phones in school like any other digital technology device.  Having a cell phone in class allow students the chance to do their research for assignments, take class notes, record lectures and take pictures of graphs etc… Students should be able to text theirs parents or call them on break if they are experience a hard time that day in school.

Global community:  Cell phones is just like any other computer device that can be used to e-mail other students across the globe.  Student can share information about their cultural backgrounds that is required for assignment.

Laptops:  Laptops are a device that is used in the classroom that is permitted to do assignments and research on the internet.   (“Allows automation of processes and more efficient delivery of services; also enables data to drive school and classroom management, among other purposes.”)…/item01 National Conference of State Legislatures by H Grinager – ‎2006

Parents:  Letters will go home for parent’s signature allowing the student to used digital technology devices during school.  Parent’s signature is required allowing approval that their child can use the internet and follow all rules and policies.

Student: Using digital technology such as a Laptop will enhances the student learning how to communicate and do their assignments. (“Students will learn content knowledge, develop information and communication technology literacy and cultivate workplace competencies such as teamwork, communication, planning and problem solving”)…/item013…National Conference of State Legislatures by H Grinager

Global community: 21st century digital technology allow students to communicate with other students across the globe.  Students can pen pal each other by e-mail or use skype with webcam in a class activity. Desktop computer: Is a stationary device that sit on a desk.  Desktops take up a lot of space.  Mobile device have become popular and teachers allow students to bring them school and they can sit at their desk and work…

Parents:  Desktop are facing out in the schools since mobile device take up less room. Parents are allowing their students to bring their mobile devices to school do their classwork.  (“As computers have increased in power and decreased in cost and size, it has become possible for more and more students to bring their own computers into school.”)

Students:  There are more students bring mobile devices to school and it easier for them to stay organize in doing their class assignments.

Globe community:  There are a variety digital technology device that can be used to communicate with students across the globe.

Communication Internet Security and Safety

Teachers and students need to be aware that there is no safe internet security. When students are on the internet they should be monitor and told not to go on any other sites and if something should pop up that is inappropriate should be reported to the teacher.

Concluding Paragraph         Digital technology device are new era for the 21st century.  Technology is used to enhance learning and give a clearer understand of the lesson begin taught. Smartboards/Whiteboards are used with a computer and a projector is very popular technology tool that teachers use to teach the entire class. Mobile devices are also popular and many students are encourage to bring their mobile devices to school.



Kolb, Liz. “Cell Phones in the Classroom.” Washington: Iste (2011).…/item01 National Conference of State Legislatures by H Grinager – ‎2006 17, 2015 –…/item013…National Conference of State Legislatures by H Grinager


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