Blog #2: Technology to Enhance Instruction

Integrating Instructional Technology

Integrating instructional technology in the classroom allows the teacher to present the lessons by using the smartboard/whiteboard along with a projector and computer. .  (“An electronic whiteboard/smartboard is an interactive presentation system that turns a computer and data projector into a powerful tool for teaching and learning.   (“Figure 5-35 Data projectors are used to project a computer’s image onto a large screen.  Teachers Discovering Computers, Eighth Edition, Gunter/Gunter – © Cengage Learning.” Pg.234)

Nevertheless, the teacher using instructional technology in the classroom combined with the lesson or lecture appears that teacher is an effective facilitator.  Besides, the teacher implementing, exhibiting information and incorporating digital educational instructional software in their lessons or lectures or topics; hopeful will inspire the interest of their audiences to pay attention and learn the material at hand.   Overall, integrating technology in the classroom will improve, enrich, and motivate lessons and lecture on the subject being taught.

 Smartboard/White Board Technology    

The smartboard/whiteboard is a great technology tool that have caught the interest of educators to use in their classrooms.  However, the recognition of using electronic technology devices have accommodated teachers in collaborating to the whole groups in an effective influential learning technique style.

In addition, the teacher can display information of the topic being taught on the screen for note taking, play videos, music and games.  Smartboard/whiteboard can be implemented in an Accounting Business curriculum by using media such as YouTube accounting videos, students can write their formula on the board and use free web software application on the internet.

SmartBoard/White Board Technology

Smartboard/whiteboard digital technology visuals and audio can support the teacher in planning techniques to communicate the class assignments.  Whereas, the lesson is presented by utilizing visuals with the smartboard to improve teaching and imparting information into the students to comprehend.   However, audio technology  can be utilizes with the  smartboard/whiteboard to assist the teacher by incorporating a class participation that will allow the teacher to see how many students are paying attention and listening  by implementing a discussion to get students involved.  Visual and Audio technology technique are tools that can be used for Business Education Classes from 6th – 12th grade.

Smartboard/Whiteboard Technology

Smartboard/whiteboard is a method that teachers communicate with.  Nevertheless, the technology is approachable and user friendly to enhance any lesson being taught and improve the teachers’ teaching skills.  However, smartboard/whiteboard technology have nearly eradicate and done away with teachers spending so much time giving out papers, writing the entire lessons on boards, students losing important class documents,  and foremost student are showing an interest in learning by using technology.  Nonetheless, using smartboard/whiteboard in Business math curriculum will allow the teacher target specific difficulties that students are having and getting students involve by answering questions and writing directly on the board.

Pros and Cons of using Technology to Facilitate

Technology sole purpose to use in the classroom will allow the teacher to introduce materials by communicating in different styles. .  Having technology readily in the classroom will provide the teacher and students access to use the internet to research information and materials for lessons or projects. Nevertheless, the benefit of the smartboard/whiteboard utilizes in the classroom use with the projector and computers have improves the teacher lesson and enhances students’ interests and understanding.  In addition, to the smartboard/whiteboard devices there are mobile and handheld devices that can enhances teaching and student involvement in the class.  These devices are smartphones, notebooks, laptops, and tablets which are all great tools to have in the classroom. The pros of having different technology in the classroom is a benefit to the teacher and students an interacting and communicating in a method that is effective for learning.

The cons of technology in the classroom rob students from learning traditional basics of using the pen and paper and reading from a textbook.  However, students do not respect the property that the schools provide for free by mishandling and destroying digital technology such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and smartboard/whiteboard and the projectors in the classroom.  Consequently, to have technology repairs or replacements of equipment is costly and sometimes it is hard to replace depending on the school budget or if the parents can effort to replace equipment that have been deliberately destroy by students.

Wired and Wireless Classrooms

The pro and cons of having wired and wireless devices depends on the individual and cost and what they want.  Wired device are accessible, cost less, the equipment is less, low maintenance and last a very long time and usually stationary and quality of services is good. However, the cons is the wired devices are attractive by dampness and weather problems.

Wireless pros devices are handy, long range in signal and it lasts a very, very long time and it is all over the world.   (“Experts estimate that billions of wireless devices are in use worldwide and that close to a billion wireless devices are sold every year. As the world has gone wireless, Asia and Western Europe have emerged as leaders in wireless device use.”) Glenda A. Gunter,, Randolph E. Gunter 2015.  Teachers Discovering Computers, Integrating Technology in a Changing World, Eighth Edition – © Cengage Learning.” pg. 338

Wireless device have downfalls/cons -it is slow, quality services is not the best, and the signals can be interrupted at any given time.


Smartboard/Whiteboard Technology is a great tool to have at any grade level to support teachers in their lessons and lectures.  Technology have captivate the minds of our students to learn in a whole different way to be successful in the 21st century.  Technology have enhances teachers teaching abilities to become more effective in the classrooms and motivate their audiences.   Teachers and students can communicate in a variety of technique styles to interact together on special assignments and projects.  Nevertheless, technology is founded all over the globe and everyone is responsible to communicate safely and respectfully whether you are a parent, student or educator when using the internet and social media.


Glenda A. Gunter, Randolph E. Gunter 2015.  Teachers Discovering Computers, Integrating Technology in a Changing World, Eighth Edition – © Cengage Learning.” pg.234

Glenda A. Gunter, Randolph E. Gunter 2015.  Teachers Discovering Computers, Integrating Technology in a Changing World, Eighth Edition – © Cengage Learning.” pg. 338


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