Blog #3: Differentiating Instruction through Technology


Differentiating instruction through technology is how the teacher will determine what technology tool or tools will be adequate to use in her classroom.  Basic technology tools are a great start to accommodate any class; but sometimes the teacher may need a different type of technology tool or devices for special need students to learn. There are a several kind of learning techniques to assist students to achieve their fullness potential in the classroom such as visual technology, touch screens, listening devices and handheld adapt devices etc.. Nonetheless, the teacher should plan know how to fully operate any technology that is needed for any student or students that could requires a different learning style.

Technology to Differentiate Instruction              Smartboard/whiteboard: The classroom in 21st century are filled with students from all types of backgrounds, cultural, genders, different languages, religion and economics problems. Using the smartboard/whiteboard in the classroom to differentiate a variety of learning and styles will assist students in their education to be successful.   Teacher must look at the content of curriculum and see what modification could be used to achieve wide range of learning diversity in the classroom.

Smartboard/whiteboard is a technology device tool that is used with a computer and the projector that students can visualize, understand, hear, touch, and meet their learning capacity of that skill in the lesson. The smartboard/white board device tool allow the teacher to replay the lesson on the smartboard/whiteboard multiple times to ensure that students are achieving, grasping, and staying motivated and interested in the lesson.   Teacher must look at the content of curriculum and see if there are any type of modification that could be added in the lesson when there is a wide range of learning diversity in the classroom. Adjustments in the curriculum could change a student’s attitude in learning the materials when they fully understand the lesson materials will make a student feel hopeful that are reaching their goals and requirements for that class.

The smartboard/whiteboard technology tool have made an impact on students comprehending, listening and visualizing the material with a full understand; have shown a reflection in the student grade. (“Promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students’ conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes.”)

Having this type of smartboard/whiteboard encourages student to interact with students in group discussion and class participation activities and projects.   Having the smartboard/whiteboard technology tool incorporated in the lessons has inspired students to read and increase and strengthen their spelling /vocabulary. Smartboard/whiteboard have allow the teacher an opportunity to work with the entire group and circulate the classroom during instructions to observe students that are having a difficult time.

Laptop: The laptop technology device is an excellent tool to have students to use in the classroom. Students can work together or individually on special assignments to encourage and enhance learning amongst themselves.   Individual use of the laptops provide students a chance to work independently and responsibly at their desk to research and explore information on the internet for their class assignments. (“ Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.”)

Cell Phone: Cell phones are a great handheld device that will allow students to take photos of information and materials of the smartboard/whiteboard and record classroom lecture notes. This type of tool can differentiate instruction by students being responsible for organizing their assignments and e-mailing homework assignments.   Students are provided cell phone handheld devices that are program to take test or exams that eliminate processing and checking papers. (“Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.”)

Pros and Cons

               Pro of having technology in the classroom will provide differentiate instruction in a variety styles that the teacher can communicate with students.   Technology in the classroom have assist students to learn the lesson and obtain their goals to be successful. Implementing various technology will enlighten students learning abilities and comprehension of wanting to learn. Technology also provide students independences to research information and materials on the internet with classmates or individual assignments. By having technology differentiate instruction in the lesson for varies students’ needs have motivated students to get involve and take part in class participation that was having trouble.

(“Design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity.”)

Cons having technology in the classroom differentiate instruction that students have not grasp how to use pen and paper to write. The teacher need to incorporate some type of writing assignment by demonstrating it on the board or fine a writing program on the computer that student can watch on the smartboard/whiteboard and practice writing.

Concluding Paragraph

Teachers having a variety of technology in the class will meet the needs of all students. Differentiating instruction through technology have improve students reading and comprehension skills to grasp the information and materials. By, having the smartboard/whiteboards in the classroom have motivated and inspired students to participate in class activities. Nevertheless, teachers need to stay knowledgeable in using technology for their students to be an effective teacher in the 21st century.



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