Blog #4: Assessment Technology


Having software technology in the classroom will provide a different type of support forstudents during assessment.  Utilizing software technology apps products in the classroom for learning has become a valuable tool for students when they are taking assessments or exams.  However, utilizing software technology tools devices have eliminated the traditional paper and pencil that was distributed and collected and graded was all time consuming for teachers.  Nonetheless, having access to the free Google software app installed is  a great technology tool being used in the schools for various educational purposes; which has made a significant impact on supporting teachers in their lessons plans and providing additional educational learning techniques/skills in aiding students to learn.  (“Google application for education is a free suite of hosted communication and collaboration applications designed for schools and universities. With free e-mail, messaging, and shared calendars, everyone on campus is connected. Features include collaboration in real time and access to documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and sites from anywhere, on any device. Google Apps for Education also offers teachers a variety of tools to use in the classroom and for professional development, including lesson plans and online webinars.)                                                                                                       Teachers Discovering Computers, Eighth Edition, Gunter/Gunter – © Cengage Learning  Pgs.92

Technology to Facilitate Ongoing Efforts to Assess Student Learning 

Teachers, paraprofessionals, and staff who are directly participating in a student’s education should be familiar with various type of software technology tools to support the students learning and comprehending that subject.  However, the supervising teacher will plan the lesson by following the curriculum and research the most effective software technology tool to be utilizes when facilitating to the entire group. Therefore, an effective teacher is unfailing in finding new software programs to enhance the students understanding, collect data on the progress of the students understand the subject and have total control over the class and providing educational support so that student or students achieve their goals.  Having a variety of software technology tools can provide clearer understand when the teacher introduces upcoming special class projects is a great opportunity to get students interested and involved.  Google, Jing, and Inspire data, and virtual dissecting software are tools that can be used to meet the needs of the student or students that are being services to succeed.


Google app software have a variety programs/docs that teacher can use in the class. Whenever the teacher need to a send letter to the parents the teacher use the translated feature in google doc to send the letter by e-mail.   The teacher can use google doc spreadsheet to keep track of a student homework by assigning the student a private number shared with the parents too.   However, if in the event a conference is required with the parents the teacher would use a google spread sheet to schedule an appointment.  In addition you can use google spreadsheet and forms to collect data.  (Google.Com)

Virtual Dissecting Software:

Using the virtual dissecting software packages is a tool that both student and teacher like using because it is have another type way to dissect an abject than the traditional way.   The dissecting software is exciting, clean and not smelly like the odor of formaldehyde.  There are a variety of businesses that offer students and teachers a complete package on virtual dissection CD/DVD on a variety of animals to dissect in the lab.  In addition this virtual dissecting software have a Web page online that students and teachers can practice by viewing the demos.  However, this virtual dissecting software tool is used in the high school science lab.

Pgs.92 Teachers Discovering Computers, Eighth Edition, Gunter/Gunter – © Cengage Learning

Inspire Data

Inspire Data software is a visual application that is use to motivate students to do learn how to do critical thinking, look things from another point of view.  This type of software help students to analyze real life situation in the world with this software.  Inspire students to gather data and discover different trends and why they change at various times in life. Inspire data provide teacher exciting opportunity to introduce their students literacy that would interesting to the whole group to share idea and another way of getting all the students involve. Inspire data software application both student and teacher can collect data.

Pgs.92 Teachers Discovering Computers, Eighth Edition, Gunter/Gunter – © Cengage Learning


Formative and Summative Assessments

Formative assessment is the teacher observing the student or students in the classroom.   However, observation will support feedback that will benefit the teacher to recognize the students’ strengths, weaknesses and focus on subject that need to target. Google software application spreadsheet the teacher can be used to collect data for an formative assessment that will be provide to the student and parent by e-mail.  Summative assessment are used after a topic have been completed by comparing against standard or benchmark and have a higher grading point. Summative assessment can use google, inspire data, and virtual dissecting software application as students are comprehending and understand the information

Formative assessment and summative assessment are to types of learning assessments. (“There are two specific types of assessment that can be utilized in any type of learning: formative assessments and summative assessments.”) Teachers Discovering Computer Integrating Technology in a Changing World, Eighth Edition Glenda A. Gunter Randolph E. Gunter pg. 320

 Pros and Cons of using Technology to Facilitate Assessment The pro of using technology to facilitate assessment in the classroom allow the teacher an opportunity to focus on the need of the students what type of technology would be needed for students to learn the topic and method that will help the student learn the materials.  (“Authentic assessment helps students not only understand concepts and subject matter, but also develop real-world skills, which they can apply outside the classroom and beyond the school environment”) Teachers Discovering Computer Integrating Technology in a Changing World, Eighth Edition Glenda A. Gunter Randolph E. Gunter pg. 364

  Technology help the student to visualize the assignment by using the computers, smart phones, notebooks and the smartboard/whiteboard to do the assignment.

Cons of using technology to facilitate assessment allows student the opportunity to learn another skill without using the computer.  Teacher can observe the class to see if student interests are still interested the same when working on the computer.

 “Should a teacher only use technology to assess student learning? Why or why not?”

Technology is a great tool to use for learning, understanding, comprehending, and getting our students involve to stay in school.  However, there should be a balance of traditional learning of using paper, pen and reading from a paper book and not only technology learning.

What is the importance of assessment technology in connection with the ISTE standards?

  1. Creative and Invocation – student develop skills of critical thinking
  1. Research and Information Fluency – use technology to collect and process information.

Concluding Paragraph for Software to Support Assessment

            Software to Support Assessment is a great tool to assist students in the learning materials. Software provide the teacher additional information and ideals to be effective teacher in the classroom. Google software application have tons of instructional ideas and spreadsheets to manage your classroom.

Socrative Assessment:


Socrative Assessment is technology tool that is used in grade level K-12th that is free to assess students during class time on any operating device in the classroom.   Socrative assessment is where the teacher can view the students answer in real time and collect detail information that will measure class data on certain subjects or topics.    Socrative Assessment allow you to answer questions, start a quiz, play space race quiz game and exit the class.  The teacher can do multiple choice, true and false, and short answer quizzes without during any preparation at any time during class time and receive feedback instantly. Using formative assessment to monitor students understand and learning materials will provide the teacher ongoing information on the student progress.


Edmodo assessment can be used for grade k-12th common core standards.  Clicking on the snapshot icon the teacher class and grade level will appear.   Edmodo allows students take quizzes or test from their technology device either in school or at home and immediately feedback to the teacher.  Summative assessments is used after a unit is completed and a test is given for a grade. 


Polleverywhere assessment tool is a fun way to get your students involve in learning the information by presenting a question to their devices and instant feedback goes to the teacher.   Formative assessment would be use to measure the student understand the task before moving on to the next topic.



Teachers Discovering Computers, Eighth Edition, Gunter/Gunter – © Cengage Learning Pgs.92

Teachers Discovering Computers, Eighth Edition, Gunter/Gunter – © Cengage Learning Pgs.92

Teachers Discovering Computers, Eighth Edition, Gunter/Gunter – © Cengage Learning  Pgs.92

Teachers Discovering Computer Integrating Technology in a Changing World, Eighth Edition  Glenda A. Gunter Randolph E. Gunter pg. 320

Teachers Discovering Computer Integrating Technology in a Changing World, Eighth Edition  Glenda A. Gunter Randolph E. Gunter pg. 364


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