My vision is encouraging and inspiring high school students that they can overcome any obstacles that develops in their life during the completion of their education.   Implementing, this type of program is where students can feel free to discuss their fears of graduating from high school.  No student is to be judge in this program and all students are to be praise regardless of their backgrounds, cultural, rich or poor, skin color, gender, disability and religion.  However, students can and will achieve their future goals to become productive citizens after graduating from high school if they work hard and stay focuses in getting a quality education.


The mission of this program solely is to make a positive different in the lives of high school students’ to increase awareness of why it is important to stay in school and prepare for the 21st century.   Assessments, data and feedback are required on all students who participate in this program and recorded if they are achieving and staying focuses to be potential graduates.  However, students that are in danger of failing or becoming a high school dropout will have first preferences to support them in reaching and achieving their highest potentials to be ready for graduation and the future.

Contact Information:

Ariel Dayton Canada, Event School Planner

Fulltime Coordinator

Part-Time Online Students

The University of Maine System

16 Central Street

Bangor, ME 04401-5106

Voice (207) 973-3200

Fax (207) 973-3209

TTY 711 Maine Relay System


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